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The opposite side wall will generally feature more storage, including the refrigerator, freezer and any other food storage elements. I don’t have any layout renderings or drawings, as we took on the design ourselves, and clearly, neither composite doors fife of us are interior designers . But with two kitchen renovations in two years, we’ve learned how to design things by sifting through inspiration and really balancing style, configuration, and utility. The best kitchen ideas and designs are all be about efficiency and functionality. This cool mint, chrome and wood concoction adds elegance and style to the mix. Photo by Walnut StudioloThis trendy kitchen has a little change in its cabinets.

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  • We knew this would be difficult, as we’d need some help structurally to cut out a larger hole in the house to make room.
  • The smooth, glossy tiles run to the ceiling, providing a textural changeup from all the wood.
  • Cabinetry is among the most expensive elements of a new kitchen, but it is also highly practical.
  • Both sides of the kitchen are kept busy while the middle is left open for efficient movement.
  • The design takes advantage of every space available – the wall, top of the fridge and shelve supports are all expedient and space-savers.
  • The vintage black and white floor and enchanting curtain keeps things interesting and charming.

Below, we have masses of inspiration for U-shaped kitchen ideas. If you’re worried about extra cabinets leaving your space feeling crowded, take full advantage of open storage options like shelves. Your cabinetry doesn’t have to cover every wall in your kitchen.

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Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath transformed the entire side wall of the old mudroom into pantry storage with pullouts. The back wall resembles an elegant credenza, but also serves to provide valuable storage. Prior to the renovation, the appliances were concentrated along a single 13-foot, nine-inch wall.

A Peek At Our Kitchen

When your kitchen is this colourful and animated, who will complain about its diminutive size? Leaving the overhead open is an incredible design feat, extending the vision upward. It provides the room the breathing space it needs, else it would appear cramped. When space cuts off workspace availability, get creative with pull-outs.

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Lighting plays a key role in any space—and that holds true even when it comes to your kitchen. Look for options that will both complete and complement your space. It will be one of the finishing touches of your renovation, so you’ll want to make sure it brings out the best in your space.

If you are still in the planning stage, design a kitchen with handleless doors, like the one above, so you’re not always catching against handles while working. If your storage situation is already under control, this extra feature may be unnecessary. But, if you could use the extra storage space, it’s a great way to sneak some in. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be completely colorful or completely sleek.

Design From Ceiling To Floor

In addition to being functional and popular, when a u-shaped kitchen layout is designed well it can add value to your home. Switching out the stainless steel sink that came with the house for an apron-front porcelain one boosts the room’s charm. Brass bin pulls, butcher block countertops, and a copper backsplash behind the range add warmth to the new gray cabinets. This impressive, all-white kitchen has the look of a U-shaped kitchen, while incorporating a walk-through in front of the high level units along the back wall. In essence this design consists of an island and one wall of floor-to-ceiling units. Efficiency is important in any space—but it’s particularly important when space is limited.